Custom made

At Safari Rugs we understand our customers don't always find what they’re looking for in our inventory. One of our unique abilities is to create handmade custom rugs to the specific need of our customers. You can specify design, colors, and size, in any width and length desired. We specialize in Persian Tabriz, Sultanabad and Oushak weave to name a few. Choose from classic 18th century designs, to modern works of art in various weaves and patterns.
At Safari Rugs we work closely with our customers to make sure we understand what they want their rugs to be like. When a custom rug order comes in, we estimate the price based on square footage of the design, and design density. If the client accepts the quote, we take a deposit and start warping the loom. When we assign a weaver to the project, swatches of the desired colors are dyed here to match exactly the skeins of yarn to be used for the textile. At Safari Rugs, we pride ourselves on creating timeless pieces that will be loved for years to come.