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Safari  Rugs is proud to present our Persian Sultanabad Revival rug. Like our Tabriz production we spent a good deal of time attaining the finest wools & finest natural dyes from locally sourced vendors in and around Arak, Iran. Countless hours of research went into studying antique Sultanabad/Mahal designs and knot structure to create what we believe to be the most authentic recreations. We hand selected a team of local weavers in Arak, Iran, to help create these beautiful masterpieces.  In terms of colors  we decided to use a softer palette to appeal to today's market and tastes. We've introduced this line for two years now at Domotex and we're proud to say we've been sold out in a matter of hours each year. It's been a great success and we are more than happy to continue the great tradition and employ weavers from Arak, Iran. Available in all standard sizes. As well as any custom size preferred. 


Safari Rugs is proud to present our Oushak Revival Collection. Woven by our Master Weavers in Iran, with the finest wool's and all natural dyes. These are faithful reproductions of decorative Antique Oushaks with modern colors for today's market. We're obviously biased, but we believe these are the most beautiful Oushak rugs on the market today.

Art Deco

Safari Rugs is proud to present our Art Deco Persian rugs. Our inspiration for this line came from European fabrics and wallpapers from the 1920's and 1930's. What makes this line unique is the freedom and personal vision we allow are weavers to incorporate into the designs. We start with a specific sketch, but our weavers are encouraged to inject their own personal vision to create truly one off masterpieces. Woven from the finest natural wools and dyes from the Tabriz region of Iran. With a knot structure similar to Tabriz rugs as well. Available in all standard sizes. As well as any custom size preferred.