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Product Information: 4210-8
  • Province: Kashan
  • Style:
  • Made in Iran
  • Type:



Oriental and Persian rugs are handmade wool carpet that is either knotted with pile or woven without pile. They are available in a wide variety of intricate colors and designs, and are considered by many to be valuable works of art. With their value in mind, it is essential that Oriental rugs receive excellent care to prolong their life and beauty

The best way to keep these beautiful floor coverings clean is to simply prevent them from getting dirty to begin with. Oriental rugs (particularly small ones) should receive regular, thorough vacuuming on both sides to eliminate dirt, dust, and debris. Taking off shoes before walking on Oriental rugs is a good idea too.


Hand-made rugs should be rotated annually and professionally washed by Matt Camron every three to five years. Pads should always be used and replaced every 5 years. In between professional cleanings, vacuum on the lowest setting when needed. For spills and stains call Matt Camron Rugs immediately to have the rug professional washed .


At Little-Persia we repair and restore all kinds of rugs and carpets for customers and rug dealers alike. We regularly work on everything from securing fringes and bindings to large tears, holes and areas of moth damage. Our work is carried out on our premises in Glasgow by our Iranian ex-weavers. Our repair staff have a combined 50 years of experience, a resource few rug repair specialists can boast. Call now to book in your rug for restoration or repair, or email us images of the damage for a free quotation.